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Principals Desk

Sr. Rita Grace Principals Desk
The process of education involves the transmission of accumulated knowledge,skills and values from one generation to another.It helps in the overall development of an individual intellectually,physically and spiritually.Besides, it enhances our ability to cope with all kinds of circumstances and events with this aim and goal.St. Peter's Academy was established in 1992.

The growth of St. Peter's Academy from itshumble beginning to a full fledged High School affilated to C.B.S.E , was not an ordinary feet . it is the result of the sincerity , dedication and far sightedness of Rev. managers & Principals who took the lead . i recognize and pay homeage to the relentless effort of the school staff who render their dedicated service to the growth of the School . I pray that this institution may continue to be thew temple of "VIDYA" to the many blooming birds yet to come.