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Manager's Message

Fr. John Milton Fr. John Milton

Greetings of love peace and joy to you all.I feel extremely honoured to be the Manager of St. Peter’s Academy , kanker khera Meerut.On this special occasion when St. Peter’s Academy is launching the website.I am glad to send my prayerful greeting and god’s blessings.

The simple, humble, and readiness to accept the poor children of the area is a witness of missionary zeal. The policies and programmes are directly people oriented in “Little ways” radiating Christ’s love for the poor and down trodden.St. Peter’s academy with its service has contributed greatly to the building of poor children .

May St. Peter’s Academy continue in this endeavour doing everything with the aim of imprinting Jesus in the minds and hearts of the staff, students and parents, so that their whole life becomes similar to that of Jesus. Wishing you many more years of faithful service