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St. Peter's Academy

St. Peter’s Academy is a Catholic Institution managed by and administered by the Catholic Diocese of Meerut, a registered society, serving the cause of education in different parts of Uttar Pradesh and Uttranchal.

The school was founded under the patronage of Rt. Rev. Patrick Nair, Bishop of Meerut and staffed by C.M.C Sisters (Congregation of Mother of Carmel, the first indigenous religion congregation in India)

St. Peter’s Academy situated at Kankerkhera, near By-pass, Sardhana Road, MeeruttCantt. Was founded on 23rd October, 1991.

Mission Statement Of The School

St. Peter’s Academy, Kankerkhera is committed to impart to its students value based education in order to enable them to live for God and for humanity through their activities, be it moral, spiritual, intellectual or social. The school intends to achieve this by instilling in them the values like truthfulness, justice, compassion, risk taking, understanding and brotherhood since God is the father of all.

By inculcating in the students the spirit of teamwork and co-operation with healthy competitions, we guide the students to seek knowledge which leads to truth.

It is said, ‘Truth will make your free’.

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